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Sintex Underground Fuel Storage Tanks


Features:-Rustproof and leakroofLightweightDurable and cost-effectiveCorrosion proofQuality manufacturingCompatibilty with all blends of Methanol and EthanolEase of installationLong lifeStrength and durabilityApproved by CCOE, NagpurManufactured as per 'UL-1316' Standards..

Spot - Less Nxt

₹389.40 ₹444.00

Nipon Paint Spot - Less Nxt is a specially-formulated acrylic emulsion paint that repulses household stains such as tea, coffee, juices, ink, hand-prints, and so forth. Our unique ‘Swan-back’ technology makes it highly resistant to the penetration of water-borne stains and causes them to form beads. This ‘beading effect’ guarantees stains don’..

Stylefix Tile Adhesive - NP

₹466.10 ₹815.38

Walltron Stylefix Tile Adhesive for normal application is a single component, cement based polymer modified adhesive for fixing tiles on tile area...

Supreme - Bend 45° 50 mm (PT) (IP)

₹25.96 ₹31.00

Supreme - Bend 45°  50 mm (PT) (IP)..

Supreme Bend 45° - 75 mm (IP)

₹66.08 ₹90.27

Supreme Bend 45° - 75 mm (IP)..

Trucare Red Oxide Metal Primer - AP

₹86.14 ₹98.00

Give your home’s metal surfaces a rich and long lasting look. TruCare Red Oxide Metal Primer comes with an exceptional corrosion resistance and also offers good opacity, coverage, flow, and leveling properties.Benefits :Dirt Pick Up Resistance            Designed with a unique Dirt Pick Up Resistance (DPUR) property th..

White Breeze - NP

₹134.52 ₹195.00

Nippon Paint Breeze is an economy Interior emulison that provides a smooth finish.It contains low VOC and is Odorless. It delivers an exceptional by covering any strain or spot on wall surface...

Wonder Tap

₹47.91 ₹68.44

Wonder Tap..

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